May 2019
Group of Lectures
Course Fee:
2500 USD
Course Type:
Level 6 Diploma
Post Graduate Diploma
One Year
Course Content:
Module 1 Management of Health and Safety
Element 1-M Principles of Health and Safety Management
Element 2-M Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
Element 3-M Measuring and Reviewing Health and Safety Performance
Element 4-M Hazards and Risk Assessment (Fundamental Concepts)
Element 5-M Organisational Factors
Element 6-M Human Factors and Behavioral Safety
Element 7-M Regulating Health And Safety in Global, Regional And National Level

Module 2 Effective Leadership in Health and Safety
Element 1-L Leadership Concepts and Models
Element 2- L Leadership and Management
Element 3- L Physiology and leadership
Element 4- L Human Conduct and Leadership
Element 5- L Leadership and Societal Concerns
Element 6- L Leadership and Occupational Health Safety and Risk Management

Module 3 Risk and Safety Management
Element 1- R Risk Assessment Concepts
Element 2- R Decision Making Methodology
Element 3- R Risk Assumptions and Assessment
Element 4- R Inherently Safety Design (historical cases)
Element 5- R Quantitative risk assessment techniques
Element 6- R Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment Methods

Module 4 Hazardous Agents in Workplace
Element 1- H Toxicology and Epidemiology
Element 2- H Chemical Risk Assessment
Element 3- H Hazardous Chemicals-Engineering Controls and Personal Protective
Element 4- H Monitoring and Measuring
Element 5- H Biological Agents
Element 6- H Physical Agents (Noise, Vibration and Radiation)
Element 7- H Psycho-Social Agents
Element 8- H Musculoskeletal Risks and Controls
Element 9- H Work Environment Risks and Controls
Element 10- H Managing Occupational Health

Module 5 Workplace, Process and Work Equipment Safety
Element 1- S General Workplace Hazards and Controls
Element 2- S Fire and Explosion Principles
Element 3- S Fire risk assessment
Element 4- S Storage, Handling and Processing of Dangerous Agents
Element 5- S Work Equipment in General
Element 6- S Workplace Machinery and Equipment (hazards and Controls)
Element 7- S Electrical Safety
Element 8- S Construction hazards and controls
Element 9- S Workplace transport (hazards and Controls)
Element 10- S Pressure System Hazards and Controls
Entry Requirements:
Acceptable level of english
Certification / Awarding Body:
IIRSM (International Institute of Risk and Safety Management
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