About Us

PMPEC is one of the international leading providers of integrated health, safety, environmental energy conservation and risk management solutions, offering the broadest range of services in the market.

Our institute has a unique level of specialist competency retained from the group of experts that over the last 10 years have come together and are now united under the PMPEC  brand name.

Today, the PMPEC  group aim to unlock the enormous potential within PMPEC through commitment to compliance with international and national legal requirements and investment on continuous improvement that will maintain the high levels of quality and service that PMPEC endeavor to provide to our customers.


Global Presence

A global presence is essential to the growth of our business and enables us to deliver truly integrated solutions and consistent health and safety assurance projects for our customers. Global growth is a key strategic objective for our business.

Our Clients

PMPEC, is one of the leading providers of health, safety, environmental, energy conservation and risk management solutions. As a result, we work with some of international and local organizations.   

PMPEC's consultancy services help customers and clients to protect their businesses by managing occupational health and safety risk, environmental impacts and energy conservation within their workforce, their property and their supply chain.

Our services are underpinned by our proprietary integrated business intelligence system which enables customers to have a complete and real time view of risk across their business.

Our integrated business intelligence system is an essential tool for all companies wishing to efficiently and consistently manage all of their occupational health and safety risks. The knowledge gained allows customers to do business with the full understanding of where the risks are therefore enabling them to be proactively managed and mitigated.